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Dodge Fitness has the ability to customize fitness for your life and your budget. We have many options to help you get started, improve your performance, or take your fitness routine to a whole new level.

Life is busy and fitness sometimes takes a backseat.  Look past the conventional ideas and find the way to live a healthier and happier life.





One-on-one personal training is ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability. Uniquely designed workout routines help you accomplish your specific goals and are customized for your lifestyle. Personal attention in a private setting that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific health and fitness goals, and any special requests for strong results and safe outcomes. Staying up-to-date on the most successful fitness trends is important at Dodge Fitness. We will incorporate a number of fun and functional exercises that are designed to provide you amazing results.




Partner up for a session. Two clients working with one trainer. Splitting the cost while still getting individual attention. No need to be at the same fitness level because each session is designed for your specific goals.  We will use TRX suspension training, boxing, partner exercises, and more. You will have the extra support of your partner to help you reach your goals. Reach your goals…achieve your potential.






Yoga is a great way to incorporate stretching and strengthening in one sessions. It helps you manage pain as well as deal with stress. Whether we are indoors or out, our goal is to make every session safe, effective and most of all fun! 

Solos or Duo sessions is a cost effective way  ad well have have the privacy in your practice. 

Customize your class with your specific interests and problem areas. 





Online training is becoming a better way to use your time. No more time traveling to and from the gym. Have your workouts right at home before or after work and most of all fun! This provides a cost effective way to reach your fitness goals with more personal coaching and a whole lot of energy! Customize your online session with your specific interests. Kickboxing, Yoga, Dance, Pilates,TRX Suspension Training or even H.I.I.T. All integrated to your specific needs. 

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