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"Susie Dodge is phenomenal!  I started working with her about 4-5 years ago at a time when I was seeing a physical therapist, a massage therapist, a pain management specialist, and taking too many pain meds. Since I started working with her, she has taught me how to stretch and to build muscle tone safely. Currently, I no longer need the PT, the massage therapy, or the pain meds.  The knee replacement that had been scheduled is no longer on the calendar.  Her combination of stretching and exercising has gotten me in better shape than I’ve been in in decades; I no longer feel like an old lady even though I’m coming up on 80.  

Her secret?  Being very knowledgeable about the human body and how it moves, being very careful to create an individual program for each person by getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, and inspiring clients to be the best they can possibly be!  Thank you, Susie!"- Nancy Dickson


 "I am writing this to share my appreciation for Susan. There are many ways in  which taking her class has affected my life. Physically ,I see significiant  results. Susan pushes me to reach further then I thought I would be able to.  Secondly, the mentality I've developed thanks to her is undeniably helpful. I implement things she teaches us in my every day life like tightening my core muscle for a subtle workout. It is fitness for every day life."  -Tally Levy


"Just danced with my son Ollie like I haven't in years: jumping, kicking and shaking my booty. Turns out all this training actually made a difference; I can dance again!!! Susan, I love you!!!" -Ewelina Sagan-Rivero


"I LOVE taking Susan's class!  Susie motivates and encourages me to celebrate what I have done and push myself to do more. The classes are always evolving because she is researching and studying the best exercises and incorporating them into class. Susie's passion for helping other people attain their fitness goals is what makes this core fitness class always challenging but never intimidating."  -Caron Moreno



"Before I started working with Susie fitness was a drag! Her ability to create innovative work out routines that take my strengths and weaknesses into account really help me to strengthen my whole life and make fitness fun. Most importantly Susie has a genuinely humanistic view of fitness. She has found ways to include fitness into everyday tasks and, thanks to them, if I need to skip a traditional routine I still feel like I'm working toward my overall goals. In closing I feel like Susie takes just as much, if not more, ownership of my fitness goals as I do.  She is a pleasure to be with and anyone who wants to make a change in their life would be blessed to have her as a trainer and coach." -David Loomis


"Susie is a great trainer and motivator. Her experience and deep understanding of body mechanics are apparent in her various workout programs.  She has taught me how to work out properly, minimizing the chances of old injuries occurring again, and has encouraged me to push myself.   Susie is extremely attentive to one's personal needs and can identify which exercises work best."   -Stephanie Acosta


"Susie is one of - if not the best - trainer I have worked with in a long time. She's intuitive, compassionate and, well, tough! She challenges not only my body, but my mind to break barriers. I would highly recommend her!"  -VJ Carbone


"Susie has been an amazing source of support and inspiration. I started working with her over a year ago. My goal back then was to lose weight before my wedding. Since then I've lost an additional 17lbs while training for my first half marathon this past September. I finally found someone who makes working out fun!"  -Rose Navales


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